Citizen of the Year

The Village of Rochester and the Rochester Lions Club are again sponsoring the “Citizen of the Year” Contest to recognize a person making an outstanding contribution to improving the quality of life in Rochester.

Eligibility requirements are:

  • Rochester resident over 5 years
  • Lives within the Rochester School District (excluding the City of Springfield residents)
  • An outstanding contribution of service to the community with clear beneficial results

W.W Dugger
Wilson Park
Esther Taft
Terri Neff
Robert Foulk
Ted McCoy
Randy Hawkins
Nancy Kruse
Steven W. Leach
Dale Laningham
Ruth Ann Theis

Walt Ebel
Robert Rittersbusch
Robert Church
Elizabeth Fairchild
Marilee Walters
Andy Lunt
Mike Greer
RL & Carolyn Moore
Jerry Robertson
Maribeth Eandi

Delbert Taft
Hank Bregenhorn
Roy Upham
Wayne Beck
Hugo Zahn
Pamela J Bruzan
Lisa Sandige
Greg Park
Harry Hendrickson
Gael Kent

Fay Beck
Vickie Lattimer
George Schmink
Gary McBride
Toby McDaniels
John Shoudel
David Grubb
David C Hicks
Larry Shoudel
Jeff Ramsey

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